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We specialize in providing reliable medical billing services to healthcare professionals and centers in Houston, Dallas, Katy, Sugar Land, and San Antonio. Our extensive expertise covers urgent care facilities, hospitals, and emergency rooms. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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What to Expect From Our Texas Medical Billing Services

When it comes to medical billing services in Texas, you need a partner you can trust to prioritize efficiency, accuracy, and optimized revenue cycle management. At Urgent RCM, we understand the unique needs of healthcare providers in Texas and are dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to meet those needs. Our fast claims processing, significant reduction in accounts receivable, revenue growth potential, and outstanding collection ratios make us the ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their financial performance. Experience the difference with Urgent RCM’s medical billing services in Texas.

Claims Processing With Swift Turnaround Time (7-14 Days)

Our Texas-based medical billing services strongly emphasize expeditious claims processing as a primary performance metric. At Urgent RCM, healthcare providers in Texas can anticipate efficient claims handling within 7-14 days, leading to timely reimbursements and optimized cash flow.

Reduction in Accounts Receivable (A/R) by 66%

Consistently delivering outstanding outcomes, our medical billing services in Texas have achieved a remarkable decrease in Accounts Receivable (A/R) of up to 66%. Urgent RCM aids Texas healthcare providers in enhancing their financial performance and operational efficiency through streamlined billing processes and optimized revenue cycle management.

Revenue Growth Potential of 30-70%

By choosing Urgent RCM for their medical billing services in Texas, healthcare providers gain access to the untapped potential for revenue growth. Our proven strategies and expertise have resulted in revenue increases ranging from 30% to 70% for our clients, demonstrating our services' tangible impact on practice profitability.

Collection Ratios Over 90% and an 88% First-Pass Clean Claims Rate

Urgent RCM takes pride in achieving exemplary collection ratios exceeding 90% and maintaining an impressive 88% first-pass clean claims rate for healthcare providers in Texas. Our top priorities are accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. We ensure successful claims processing upon initial submission, leading to improved cash flow and reduced claim denials.

Our Specialized Texas Medical Billing Services for All Specialties

At Urgent RCM, we proudly offer our specialized Texas medical billing services to healthcare providers across various specialties. Our experienced team is well-versed in handling the unique billing requirements and challenges multiple medical specialties face in Texas.

Whether you’re a small clinic or a large healthcare organization in texas, we have the expertise and in-depth knowledge to manage your medical billing needs effectively. From accurate coding and claims submission to timely reimbursements and revenue cycle management, we are dedicated to optimizing your financial performance and ensuring the smooth operation of your practice. Trust Urgent RCM to deliver exceptional medical billing services tailored specifically to your specialty in Texas.

Our Medical Billing Services in Texas

According to the law, payers are required to settle clean claims within 30 days or 45 days if the claim is not submitted electronically. Our expert billers in Texas have the knowledge and skills to help you significantly reduce your accounts receivable (AR) days, ensuring faster reimbursement.

Our dedicated team of professional billers in Texas is well-versed in handling all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management, including denial management. They will work diligently to recover rejected claims by appealing and resubmitting them, maximizing your chances of reimbursement.

Operating in compliance with the regulations set by the state government, our Texas-based billers specialize in serving medical practices. With years of experience and continuous efforts to perfect medical billing procedures, they are well-equipped to help your practice increase revenue.

In line with the federal government’s initiatives to reduce healthcare costs, physicians in Texas can contribute by optimizing costs and enhancing revenue. By entrusting your medical billing to our specialists, you can improve collections by 20%.

Our billers focus on accurate coding and conduct regular code audits. They also ensure timely follow-up with insurance companies and efficiently manage your accounts receivable. 

Trustworthy Results in Claims, Revenue, and Profitability by Our Texas Medical Billing

Customized EHR Solutions for Medical Billing Services in Texas

At our Urgent RCM, we specialize in providing tailored electronic health record (EHR) solutions for medical billing services in Texas. Our comprehensive approach enables medical billing professionals to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. By customizing the EHR system according to your specific needs, we ensure seamless integration with your existing workflows. Our solutions offer advanced features such as automated coding, real-time claim tracking, and detailed reporting, empowering your practice to optimize revenue generation.

Advantages Of Choosing Urgent RCM As Your Texas Medical Billing Company

HIPAA Compliance Assurance

When selecting a trusted medical billing company in Texas like Urgent RCM, healthcare providers can rest assured that their HIPAA compliance is assured. Adherence to stringent patient data protection regulations is crucial in Texas, and Urgent RCM guarantees the security and confidentiality of all patient information.

Enhanced Reimbursement Efficiency

By utilizing professional medical billing services in Texas, healthcare providers can improve their reimbursement rates. Urgent RCM’s proficiency in accurate coding and billing procedures expedites insurance company reimbursement, reducing denials and maximizing overall revenue.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Expect clear and transparent pricing models when partnering with Urgent RCM for medical billing services in Texas. Hidden costs and surprises are eliminated, allowing providers to plan their budgets effectively. With tailored and competitive pricing structures, you can rely on Urgent RCM to provide fair and transparent pricing that aligns with your specific requirements.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Urgent RCM surpasses the scope of medical billing services in Texas by offering comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to healthcare providers. You can gain valuable insights into your financial performance through precise and thorough reports. Utilizing Urgent RCM’s advanced analytics, you can identify areas for improvement, make informed business decisions, and effectively manage your revenue, creating opportunities for practice growth.

Customer Feedback That Makes Us Proud

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our happy clients are saying about our personalized medical billing services.

Dr. Ava Lewis
Dr. Ava Lewis

Houston Family Practice

The precision and efficiency of their billing services amazed me. Our cash flow has improved significantly since partnering with them. A valuable asset for any healthcare provider.

Dr. Olivia Miller
Dr. Olivia Miller

Dallas Cardiology Clinic

Their expertise in medical billing is unparalleled. They've helped us navigate complex billing requirements and maximize reimbursements, allowing us to focus on patient care.

Dr. Davis
Dr. Davis

Austin Pediatrics

Choosing this medical billing service was a game-changer! They've increased our revenue and saved countless hours on administrative tasks. Highly recommended!

Dr. Sophia Rodriguez
Dr. Sophia Rodriguez

San Antonio Orthopedics

Impressed by their attention to detail and promptness in handling our billing. They've greatly reduced the burden on our office staff, resulting in smoother operations.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams

Texas Medical Center

I can't thank this medical billing service enough. They've optimized our revenue cycle, resulting in increased profitability and hassle-free billing processes. A true game-changer!

Effortlessly collect payments and reduce administrative burden with our Texas medical billing services. Our proven approach has helped hundreds of healthcare providers streamline their billing processes and achieve top-notch patient satisfaction.

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